Corrections Policy

  1. Introduction: At K.S. Terminals Inc. (KST), we strive for accuracy, transparency, and integrity in all our communications. Our Corrections Policy outlines our approach to addressing errors, clarifying inaccuracies, and ensuring that accurate information is readily available to our stakeholders.
  2. Error Identification: Errors can occur despite our best efforts. Whenever an error is identified in any content published on our platforms, including the KST website, social media, or marketing materials, we take immediate steps to rectify the situation.
  3. Timely Corrections: Upon identifying an error, we prioritize the swift correction of inaccurate information. Corrections will be made as soon as possible, ensuring that accurate and updated content is available to our audience.
  4. Procedure for Corrections: a. Internal Review: Once an error is detected, the concerned department or team reviews the content in question to confirm the error and determine the appropriate corrective action.
  5. Correction Implementation: Corrections may involve updating the inaccurate content, appending a correction notice, or providing additional context to rectify the misconception.
  6. Transparent Communication: We acknowledge and communicate corrections transparently, ensuring that stakeholders are aware of the error and the steps taken to address it.
  7. Publishing Retractions: In cases where an error significantly impacts the accuracy or context of the information, we will issue a retraction notice. The notice will clarify the error, provide accurate information, and be prominently displayed on the relevant platform.
  8. Reporting and Monitoring: We track errors, corrections, and retractions to continually improve our content quality and minimize future errors. This data helps us identify potential areas for improvement in our processes.
  9. Preventive Measures: We actively work to prevent errors by implementing rigorous fact-checking and review processes prior to content publication. This proactive approach minimizes the occurrence of inaccuracies.
  10. Stakeholder Notification: We understand the importance of notifying stakeholders who may have come across the inaccurate information. When a significant error is corrected or retracted, we take appropriate steps to inform those who were exposed to the original content.
  11. Commitment to Accuracy: We are committed to maintaining a high standard of accuracy and professionalism in all our communications. Our Corrections Policy underscores our dedication to promptly addressing errors and ensuring that our stakeholders receive reliable information.
  12. Continuous Improvement: As part of our commitment to transparency and accuracy, we regularly review and enhance our Corrections Policy to reflect industry best practices and our evolving communication needs.

At K.S. Terminals Inc., we hold ourselves accountable for the accuracy of the information we provide. Our Corrections Policy demonstrates our commitment to promptly addressing errors and maintaining the trust of our global audience.

Last Updated: [September 14, 2023]

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