Corporate Governance

KST Organizational Structure

KST Organizational Structure

Departments & Divisions

Board of Directors

Audit Committee Members

Our company established an Audit Committee on June 12, 2018, which consists of three independent directors. The Audit Committee regularly convenes meetings and invites auditors, audit managers, and relevant supervisors as needed.

The Audit Committee periodically assesses our company’s internal control system, internal audit staff, and their audit results. It also periodically reviews the financial statements for each quarter and discusses other matters required by relevant laws and regulations.

The committee independently reviews the appointment of the certifying accountant and the provision of audit and non-audit services by the certifying accountant.

Salary & Remuneration Committee Members

To continuously strengthen corporate governance and align with international standards, our company established the “Remuneration Committee” in December 2011. Authorized by the Board of Directors, the committee supervises, reviews, and formulates the company’s overall remuneration policies and plans.

It also periodically evaluates and determines the remuneration of directors and executives. The Remuneration Committee consists of three members, including three independent directors, each with more than five years of work experience and relevant qualifications, ensuring the committee’s independence, professionalism, and impartiality.

Internal Audit System

Audit and Internal Control Organization and Responsibilities of Our Company:

  • Internal Audit Organization: The internal audit department of our company is under the jurisdiction of the board of directors.
  • Basis for Internal Audit Work: The internal audit work is primarily based on the audit plan approved by the board of directors. This audit plan is formulated based on the results of risk assessment. Additionally, special audits or reviews are conducted as needed.
  • The Internal Control System Statement is reported on the designated website of the Financial Supervisory Commission within three months after the end of each fiscal year and is published in the annual report and public explanatory document.
  • Internal Audit Members: This includes the audit manager and audit staff, totaling 2 persons.
  • Responsibilities of the Internal Audit Organization: The internal audit department is responsible for auditing the company’s overall business, financial matters, operational conditions, conducting anomaly analysis, and providing recommendations for improvement. It periodically reviews the security of the company’s assets, assists the management in enforcing the company’s internal regulations and compliance with various requirements, and checks and evaluates the adequacy of internal control systems, supervising their effective utilization.

Audit Process Diagram

Audit Process

Corporate Governance-related Operating Regulations

Title Download
1. Company Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation Download
2. Shareholders' Meeting Rules Download
3. Board of Directors Meeting Rules Download
4. Audit Committee Organizational Regulations Download
5. Compensation and Remuneration Committee Establishment and Exercise of Authority Procedure Download
6. Director Election Procedure Download
7. Board of Directors' Performance Evaluation Procedure Download
8. Code of Business Ethics Download
9. Code of Conduct and Operational Procedures for Business Integrity Download
10. Corporate Governance Best Practices Download
11. Insider Trading Prevention Management Procedures Download
12. Strategy and Risk Management Procedures Download
13. Acquisition or Disposal of Assets Procedures Download
14. Lending to Others Procedures Download
15. Endorsement and Guarantee Procedures Download
16. Internal Handling Procedures for Significant Company Download