电池模块连接器 (BMC)

单极和双极 BMC 系列

BMC Overview

Battery modular connectors (BMC) play a crucial role in establishing connections between batteries and power sources. They are especially essential in renewable energy power systems and generators, including solar power, wind power, hydropower, and hybrid systems. These systems rely on reliable battery connections that offer high conductivity and exceptional protection levels.

UL 1977 Certified

KST BMC has earned the prestigious UL 1977 certification for its ability to transmit high currents effectively. This certification ensures that these connectors meet rigorous safety and performance standards, providing reassurance and peace of mind to users.

1-Pole & 2-Pole Series

The KST BMC are available in two series: Single-Pole and Double-Pole. The number of poles refers to the separate circuits that a connector can support. A single 1-pole connector can accommodate one circuit, while a double 2-pole connector can handle two circuits simultaneously. Both series offer a wide range of current ratings, from 15 to 350 Amps, making them suitable for use with up to 600 Volts of continuous AC or DC operation.

Reliable & Efficient

With their versatility and robust design, KST BMC provides reliable and efficient connectivity solutions for diverse power systems, ensuring seamless power transmission and supporting the demanding requirements of renewable energy and generator applications.

APP Equivalency

KST’s BMCs offer comparable housing, a wide range of contacts, and support for AWG sizes, meeting diverse industry standards and requirements. They are the equivalent of industry-leading battery connectors, ensuring compatibility and versatility.


Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMC Applicaitons

Single-Pole and Double-Pole Battery Modular Connectors (BMCs) find diverse applications across various industries due to their versatile design and high-power capabilities. Some common applications include:

  1. Battery Systems: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are often used to connect batteries in a range of systems, including electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), industrial battery banks, and more.
  2. Power Distribution: These connectors are essential in power distribution systems, facilitating efficient power transmission between different components and devices.
  3. Automotive and Marine: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are utilized in automotive and marine systems to connect batteries, power inverters, electrical systems, and more.
  4. Telecommunications: These connectors play a vital role in telecommunication infrastructure, ensuring reliable power connectivity in cellular base stations, data centers, and communication networks.
  5. Industrial Machinery: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are used in industrial machinery and equipment, including automation systems, control panels, and manufacturing equipment, where they enable power transmission and connections.
  6. Portable Power Devices: These connectors are commonly found in portable power devices such as power banks, portable generators, and handheld tools, providing necessary power connections.
  7. Amateur Radio: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are used in amateur radio setups for connecting power sources, batteries, and transceivers, ensuring standardized power distribution.
  8. Emergency Power Systems: These connectors are integrated into emergency power systems, standby generators, and backup power setups to establish connections between power sources and critical equipment during outages or emergencies.
  9. Renewable Energy: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are employed in renewable energy systems like solar and wind power setups to manage power distribution.
  10. Industrial Equipment: In various industrial equipment, Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs provide reliable power connections, supporting operations in different industries.
  11. Aerospace and Aviation: These connectors are used in aerospace and aviation applications to ensure secure power transmission in aircraft and related equipment.
  12. Medical Devices: Single-Pole and Double-Pole BMCs are employed in medical devices and equipment, where reliable power connections are crucial.

These connectors are valued for their durability, efficiency, and safety, making them essential components in a wide range of applications across industries.

1-Pole BMC

单极 BMC

单极 BMC 系列有四种外壳尺寸,每种外壳支持一系列触点,每个触点支持特定的额定电流和标准电线尺寸。 紧凑的外壳可与相同尺寸的其他单极 BMC 连接器垂直和(或)水平堆叠。
1-Pole BMC

单极 BMC

单极 BMC 系列有四种外壳尺寸,每种外壳支持一系列触点,每个触点支持特定的额定电流和标准电线尺寸。 紧凑的外壳可与相同尺寸的其他单极 BMC 连接器垂直和(或)水平堆叠。