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Social Participation, Environmental Sustainability, Corporate Governance
Social Participation, Environmental Sustainability, Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

People Oriented

K.S. Terminal Inc. (KST) has been founded on the principle belief that “people-oriented“ culture brings about corporate growth and sustainable management. As a motivated company, we treat our employees and shareholders with the utmost integrity.
KST continues to strike harmonious employer-employee relations by establishing a gender equal, non-discriminatory, and conflict-free work environment, and also implementing medical offices & AED stations with employee health in mind. We actively participate in various social welfare and environmental projects including making charitable donations, providing support for low income families & adoption, and participating in disaster emergency planning & preparedness exercises. KST continuously promotes green designs, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste emissions.

Giving back to society

KST maintains a philosophy of “giving back to society”. It regularly invests in social services, partake in welfare initiatives and cares for the disadvantaged to give back to society as part of the company’s social responsibility.

KST follows GRI Standards (2016)

KST follows GRI Standards (2016) sustainability reporting in disclosing corporate social responsibility in four aspects: sustainable management, environmental management, employee care and product responsibility. With the annual corporate social responsibility report issued, the public can clearly understand the company’s implementation of corporate governance and corporate citizenship.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

KST Operates in good faith, promotes social contribution, and cares about concerned issues from stakeholders with efficient multi-party communications.

Employee Care

Employee Rights

KST is always supporting employee rights, welfare, building a safe, healthy workplace, and focusing on developing harmonious employer-employee relationships.

Environmental Sustainability

Green products, environmental protection and energy conservation

KST has been actively researching and developing green products, focusing on environmental protection and energy conservation in order to comply with tougher environmental protection regulations. Through our continuous efforts, we are able to achieve annual decreases in energy consumption and pollution by implementing real-time monitoring and prevention processes in our energy management programs.

Product Liability

Quality, reliable, safe products

We strive to provide professional services in the highest standards to ensure that we deliver highest quality, most reliable and the safest products.

Ethical Policy

Highest ethical and legal standards

KST is committed to achieving the highest ethical and legal standards across its group companies and supply chain. It places corporate responsibility at the center of its operations and upholds its principles of human rights, labor, environment, sustainability and anti-corruption. The relationship between KST and its partners and suppliers is an important component of our commitment to trading ethically and sustainably. As part of this commitment we seek to extend these standards to all our suppliers and other business partners. We continue to work with our suppliers not only to meet these minimum requirements but also continuously improve in line with industry best practice. Suppliers and business partners encompass all suppliers, distributors, resellers or any company with which KST enters into a business relationship.

Legal Compliance

National and international laws

KST complies with all specified and agreed national and international laws and regulations including without limitation, regulations aiming to protect human rights, health, the environment, data protection, international trade compliance and workplace safety, and regulations aiming to combat corruption, money laundering, terrorism, anti-trust.

Anti-bribery and Corruption

Business and Supply Chain

KST has in place adequate procedures to manage the risk of bribery and corruption in its business and supply chains including regular training of employees to prevent all forms of corruption.
  • Not accept or offer improper gifts and hospitality that could affect or appear to affect impartial business decision making.
  • Not engage in any form of bribery or corruption either directly or indirectly or through a third party.
  • Not make facilitation payments or offer other gifts to government officials, political parties, candidates for public office or other persons.
  • Not use third parties or business partners as a channel to make improper payments

Modern Slavery and Child Labor

Zero Tolerance

KST has a zero-tolerance approach to Modern Slavery. We have a responsibility both as a business and as individuals to tackle any form of Slavery.
  • KST complies fully with the International Labor Organization Forced Labor Convention and Abolition of Forced Labor Convention.
  • KST complies fully with the International Labor Organization Minimum Age Convention.

Competition and Anti-trust

Competition and Anti-trust

KST abides by all specified and agreed laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of competition and prohibiting anti-trust activities. We respect the principles of free price setting and not fix prices or collude with competitors to share the market.

Human Rights

Dignity, respect and diversity

KST commits to uphold Human Rights and in particular to treat people with dignity and res pect, encourage diversity within the workforce and actively promote equal opportunities for all.
  • Not to discriminate on the grounds of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic or national status, race, color, religion, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, parental status, dependents, age, disability, social class, union membership, political views or educational background.
  • Treat employees with respect and dignity.
  • Ensure no worker is subjected to physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.
  • Allow workers freedom of association and collective bargaining through the formation or membership of Works Councils and Trade Unions of their own choosing.
  • Provide time off in accordance with minimum regulatory requirements and laws and ensure all overtime is voluntary and paid at the legally mandated overtime or supplementary rate.
  • Provide a fair compensation package to include wages and benefits with paid leave and working hours with appropriate rest periods which meets or exceeds the legal minimum standard.

Environment, Health and Safety

EH&S management

EH&S management is an integral part of our day-to-day activities in KST. Good EH&S management safeguards not only our employees and others who may be affected by our activities, but also our environment by actively striving to prevent emissions, other sources of pollution and resource depletion. We strive to:
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees including providing free of charge appropriate personal protective equipment where applicable.
  • Have policies and procedures in place to prevent accidents and injury.
  • Provide training and education for all workers on health and safety issues.
  • Take all reasonable steps to minimize detrimental effects of business and operations on the environment

Non-Use of Conflict Minerals Delaration

Global citizens who realizes and identifies the value of human rights.

K.S. Terminals, Inc. (KST) as one of the global citizens who realizes and identifies the value of human rights. We agree that we will never use any minerals involved in conflicts or infringing human rights. Accordingly, we declare the following provisions: We guarantee the materials, components and products used gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt(Co) and tin (Sn), we deliver to customers in the past and in the future, are definitely not from conflicting countries involved in armed conflicts, mining, obtaining or secondary distribution minerals in a way of infringing human rights, including but not limited to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Angola, Central African Republic, Republic of the Sudan, Zambia. Furthermore, we will also keep our supply chain free from Conflict Minerals.
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