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600 employees in Taiwan, 400 employees in Suzhou

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K.S Terminals Inc. is a global leader in the production of electrical cold-pressed electrical terminals. It was established in Changhua, Taiwan in 1973, leveraging high-precision mold design, stamping and injection molding as its core technologies. In 2002, KST became a publicly listed company on the Taiwan stock market. Its core business values have proven to be sustainable as KST continues to strive to build integral relationships with partners who share a common commitment to quality, research & development. At present, KST has five factories in Taiwan and one factory in Suzhou, China.
In 1988, KST established the Zhangbin factory and headquarters in the Changhua Binhai Industrial Zone. It is the main production base of KST, which is dedicated to manufacturing our electrical terminal and connector product lines.
KST has many manufacturing processes, with varying degrees of automation for continuous stamping, welding, electroplating, assembly packaging and warehousing. We also have a mold processing center dedicated to working with customers to design and develop their product tooling.
Our automation engineering team designs and produces automation equipment, including automatic feeding, assembly, CCD screening, inspection, counting and packaging, that allow us to yield products of consistent quality and quantity.
Automation equipment and processes can be quickly integrated and configured to produce a wide range of products, promoting flexible production, and expedited shipping that meet customer delivery requirements.
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Commitment to innovation

R&D of materials, processes, equipment and people result in innovation,and is the driving force behind the sustainable growth of KST.
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