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February 14, 2022by jasongyuen@gmail.com0

Feb 14, 2022, Taipei (Digitimes) – Two auto shows, Autotronics Taipei and Taipei AMPA, will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 20 to 23, the TAITRA has announced, as the local supply chain gears up for the electric vehicle (EV) market.

The global sales of EVs in 2021 recorded a year-on-year growth of 90%. Many Taiwanese manufacturers, such as Phihong Technology, Taya Group, and KS Terminals, are already Tesla’s suppliers and will be featured in April’s shows, according to industry sources. Cub Elecparts will display a 4D imaging radar developed together with NXP Semiconductors, and blind spot detection systems for large vehicles and scooters.

Sinpro Electronics plans to showcase a series of key technology products, including motor and motor controllers that many carmakers are paying close attention. Microjet Technology will display the world’s lightest air quality monitors that can be installed in smart cockpits, automotive displays, and GPS devices.

In November 2021, government and business delegates participating in the COP26 declared they will work towards all sales of new cars and vans being zero emission globally by 2040 and by no later than 2035 in leading markets.

In addition to government signatories, the declaration was signed by several major automotive manufacturers – Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Volvo Cars, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, and BYD Auto, showing that going electric is an irreversible trend for the auto industry. Under the context, electronics suppliers that were not part of the vehicle supply chain are prompted to think how to grasp the opportunity heralded by vehicle electrification.

In fact, Tesla cars comprise a wide range of components made by Taiwanese firms, such as gear reducers made by Hota Industrial Mfg, battery management system harnesses by BizLink Group, forged wheels by SuperAlloy Industrial, and motor components by Fukuta Elec. & Mach. Other suppliers include Ichia Technologies, Cheng Uei Precision Industry, Innolux, Quanta Computer, Pegatron, Sumeeko Industries, and Delta Electronics.

Meanwhile, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) has convened an open EV platform called MIH, having engaged more than 2,000 firms across the world.

Accounting firm Deloitte in a 2021 report estimated that a vehicle’s semiconductor devices will be worth 10 times more than now by 2030. Meanwhile, the International Data Corp forecasted that the auto industry will contribute about 10% of the chip industry’s sales by 2025.

The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) in its position papers has repeatedly urged Taiwan government to lend more support to EV development.

“The era of exclusive Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) vehicles is already coming to its end. While various alternative drivetrain concepts exist (such as diesel, petrol, natural gas, batteries, hydrogen cells), the trend towards electrification of vehicles has passed a point of no return and has relegated other technologies to the background for now,” ECCT wrote in its 2020 papers.

The ECCT urged the Taiwan government to provide more support and incentives for new energy vehicles and EVs, including parking advantages, charging infrastructure, subsidies, and exemptions from luxury tax.

In its 2022 papers, the ECCT noted that it remains a common problem for EV charge spaces to be occupied by ICE cars, even though some municipal goverments have implemented measures to facilitate EV charging.

In Taiwan, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by passenger cars make up 50% of the transportation sector’s total emissions, but the government has yet to include the promotion of EVs or low emission cars as part of its GHG emissions reduction goals by 2025.

To boost the sales of electric cars and scooters and curb air pollution, consumers’ exemptions from commodity tax and vehicle license tax are extended until December 31, 2025, the National Development Council said on February 9.

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